Man Threw A Pothole Party So Public Works Department Could Fix It


via Frank Sereno/Facebook


What Happened When His Requests Were Ignored

We’ve all gotten sick and tired of potholes – they’re no laughing matter and they more than little inconveniences. They can be dangerous too. And so this Kansas man knew that complaints were no longer enough to shed light on this matter. All of his reports received no response. So what did he do? He bought a slice of cake, a candle, and held a birthday party for a 2-feet-wide, 3-inch-deep pothole. This is just one among hundreds of potholes around Kansas City, by the way.


Frank Sereno was fed up with a three-month pothole on his street and seeing as there seems to be no action to fix it, he simply celebrated it. In an interview with KCTV, he said:

“I didn’t sing to him. I thought about it, but it was a little bit warm, so I said, ‘Well, we’ll just do the cake.'”

He posted the little “celebration” on Facebook and what do you know, it did manage to catch the attention of the public works department. Sereno also told CNN:

“We have to be as creative as we can to get things fixed. For me, it’s just about making sure my neighbors’ and my voice are continuously heard.”

After his post went viral, the city started filling the holes. And he hoped he wouldn’t need to go to such lengths again just for patched asphalts.

“It’s great that they came and fixed it, but my gosh, if this is what it takes to get potholes fixed, we’ll never get anything done.”

There are still several potholes that needed to be patched so he thinks “there’s still plenty of opportunities to do more creative things.” Now we’re definitely looking forward to that! Although, to be honest, we’d much rather see the city fix them up before Sereno takes to social media to call their attention again.