The Original Gerber Baby Is Now 93 Years Old


via Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube


The Most Easily Recognized Baby Face

In 1928, the Gerber baby first appeared on Gerber products but it wasn’t until 1931 that it became the company’s official trademark. The portrait helped sell 590,000 cans of baby food during its first year. Though there were several artists who submitted various artworks to be used for the advertising campaign, it was the simple sketch of Dorothy Hope Smith that was accepted.

So, who is the Gerber baby?


Some of the popular guesses include Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Taylor, and Humphrey Bogart.

But in 1978, Gerber finally revealed the baby’s identity.

It’s Ann Turner Cook who was then only four months old when Smith drew her. They lived in the same Connecticut neighborhood. Cook grew up to become an English teacher and eventually, a mystery novelist. Last November 20, she turned 93 years old. And of course, Gerber’s verified Instagram account posted a greeting.

They wrote on the caption: “Happy birthday to the OG—that’s Original Gerber—baby, Ann Turner Cook! ?

For over 90 years, it’s been our pleasure to welcome countless babies to our ever-growing Gerber family.

Our dedication to each and every generation of little ones has long been part of our heritage, and we’ll always take time to celebrate a true classic!”